ICA Stabby Prime – while you are sleeping


In Uppsala, creative retailer Tore Jonsson at ICA Nära Stabby has launched a brand-new delivery concept. A subscription service called Prime, together with ifoodbag.

Customers are struggling with matching the delivery windows with their busy afternoon and evening schedules. ICA Stabby are now offering a genius solution for this. Deliveries are made while the customer is still sleeping. The delivery vans start their routes at 5.00 am and deliveries are complete by 07:30. The insulated thermal alvobox® is placed on the doorstep with a chilling shield inside the lid. When it is time for breakfast, the customer simply take the box inside to unpack the milk, cheese and bread. The alvobox® is taken in return at their next delivery.

– Thanks to the ifoodbag® system, I can use regular cars or vans instead of refrigerated ones. This gives me more flexibility and reduces cost. The customers will have an option to get their order before leaving home in the morning instead of hurrying back home in the afternoon to meet up their grocery delivery.

Tore Jonsson

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