Temperature Controlled Pouches for Click & Collect

Click & Collect Solutions Whilst Keeping Food Chilled and Frozen.

Click & CollectClick and Collect is a highly popular and rapidly expanding distribution solution that offers convenience and flexibility to customers. With Click & Collect, customers have the option to browse and purchase products online and then collect them from a designated pickup location at their convenience. This innovative method of distribution allows customers to save time by avoiding long queues and provides them with the freedom to choose when and where they want to pick up their purchases. Additionally, Click & Collect benefits businesses by increasing customer satisfaction, reducing delivery costs, and boosting overall sales. The  ifoodbag® system works to exaggerate the brilliant qualities of click and collect. As the demand for seamless and efficient shopping experiences continues to rise, adopting Click & Collect can be a game-changer for businesses seeking to enhance their distribution strategies and meet the evolving needs of their customers. Whether the collection process involves in store pick up or strategically placed lockers, active cooling is required to keep produce intact, which ultimately can work out to be very expensive.

No need for active coolingThe  ifoodbag® system stands out as a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable solution for cold chain logistics. It utilises a passive cooling approach, eliminating the need for expensive active cooling technologies. By leveraging regular lockers without active cooling, businesses can significantly reduce their upfront investments and ongoing service costs. The  ifoodbag® system’s reliance on passive cooling mechanisms ensures that temperature-sensitive products are kept at the desired temperature range without the need for external power sources or complex refrigeration equipment. Unlike conventional cold chain solutions that require costly infrastructure, such as refrigerated vehicles or specialised storage facilities, the  ifoodbag® system can utilise existing lockers or storage spaces.

Saves timeThe  ifoodbag® system’s sustainability extends beyond its cost-effectiveness. By embracing passive cooling, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to environmental conservation efforts. The system’s reliance on eco-friendly packaging materials further enhances its sustainability credentials, ensuring that products are transported in a manner that minimises waste and promotes a greener supply chain.

New distribution points

The  ifoodbag® solution offers a time-saving advantage for both businesses and customers, when it comes to both store pick-ups and locker collection points. For store collection, pre-picked orders can be conveniently stored directly in the alvobox® at the pick-up point. Whereas, the ability to use any locker, rather than a purpose built one, opens up delivery collection points. Once the orders are prepared, they can be swiftly placed in the alvobox®, ready for customer pick-up. This efficient approach saves valuable time and resources. In both cases customers also benefit significantly from the time-saving capabilities of the  ifoodbag® solution. When they arrive at either pick-up point, their orders are readily available, eliminating the need to wait in line or search for items. The utilisation of cost-efficient lockers without active cooling in the  ifoodbag® system opens up opportunities for the addition of new distribution points in a flexible and convenient manner. This means that various locations, such as gas stations, service points, parking lots, and train stations, can be transformed into efficient pick-up points for customers. Additionally, the  ifoodbag® system allows for direct handover of the boxes by store staff. This means that customers can pick up their orders directly from the store, enjoying a personalised and seamless experience. This option is particularly valuable for businesses that want to offer a high-touch approach and build stronger customer relationships.

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