Home Food Delivery Solutions With The Temperature Controlled  ifoodbag® System.

The  ifoodbag® system is a logistical revolution for home deliveries of groceries. We secure the cold chain, offer flexibility, enable cost savings and fuel growth in an environmentally sound way.

Keeps The Cold Chain Intact 

Designed to meet your specific business requirements, this customisable solution offers exceptional performance and reliability. With the  ifoodbag® system, you can confidently transport temperature-sensitive products while maintaining their freshness and quality. Whether you’re delivering perishable groceries, pharmaceuticals, or other temperature-sensitive items, the  ifoodbag® system ensures that your products remain within the desired temperature range throughout the delivery process.

Increased Flexibility

The  ifoodbag® system offers a versatile alternative to refrigerated trucks or can be used in conjunction with them to enhance your delivery operations. As a stand-alone solution with passive cooling, it provides a high degree of flexibility and opens up new delivery possibilities for your business. By integrating the  ifoodbag® system into your existing cold chain last mile solutions, you can optimise your delivery routes and improve efficiency. Instead of relying solely on refrigerated trucks, which may have limitations in terms of capacity or accessibility. The passive cooling mechanism of the ifoodbag® means you can explore alternative modes of transportation, such as bicycles, motorcycles, or non-refrigerated vehicles, while still meeting the temperature requirements of your goods. In addition to these fundamental features, the ifoodbag® is also completely recyclable and reusable.

Cost Saving

Our system’s exceptional flexibility not only offers convenience but also has the potential to generate significant cost savings and foster business growth. One notable advantage lies in the easy stacking of the emptied boxes, which leads to space optimisation both in storage facilities and delivery vans. The space-saving aspect is particularly beneficial for businesses with limited storage capacity.

Environmentally Friendly

The ifoodbag® system stands out for its reliability and durability, making it a trusted solution for businesses seeking long-term performance. Each component of the system is designed to maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive products. Additionally, the ifoodbag®® system is designed with sustainability in mind. All components are carefully selected to be reusable and recyclable, minimising waste and contributing to a circular economy.

The use of paper as the primary material in the ifoodbag® is a key factor that contributes to its positive attributes. Paper is a renewable resource and widely recognised for its sustainability. By utilising paper in the construction of the  ifoodbag®, we offer a packaging solution that is both eco-friendly and versatile. The  ifoodbag® system’s durability and sustainability go hand in hand. The longer lifespan of the reusable components means a reduced need for frequent replacements, resulting in less material waste and lower overall costs for businesses.

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