ipharmabag® – Final Mile Transport for Sensitive Pharmaceuticals

The ipharmabag®: A groundbreaking, patent-pending solution for last-mile cold chain transportation of sensitive pharmaceuticals, blood samples, and more. This innovative, recyclable paper thermal pouch is meticulously designed to maintain optimal cold temperatures and effectively prevent condensation. With the ipharmabag®, you can confidently transport temperature-sensitive healthcare products, ensuring their integrity and efficacy throughout the critical final leg of the supply chain. Benefit from its cutting-edge technology and sustainable design, providing reliable temperature control and moisture prevention. Upgrade your pharmaceutical transport with the ipharmabag®, the trusted choice for secure and eco-friendly cold chain logistics.

Ensure the integrity of your cold chain by utilising the advanced capabilities of the ipharmabag® in conjunction with the alvobox®. Simply pack your sensitive pharmaceuticals within the ipharmabag®, and for extended temperature control, attach our specially designed cooling elements, such as the chilling or freezing shields, before securely closing the lid of the alvobox®. This strategic combination allows you to maintain the cold chain unbroken even in areas that standard refrigerated trucks cannot access. Benefit from the enhanced protection and reliability offered by this innovative solution, preserving the efficacy of your temperature-sensitive products throughout the entire distribution process. Elevate your cold chain logistics with the seamless integration of the ipharmabag® and the alvobox®, ensuring peace of mind and optimum quality for your valuable pharmaceuticals.

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