Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Packaging

Insulated Recyclable Paper Pouch For Final Mile Transport Of Sensitive Pharmaceuticals

Small SizeThe ipharmabag® is an ideal solution for the transportation of pharmaceutical products. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, while its advanced thermal insulation technology ensures that the products remain at the required temperature throughout the entire journey. Pharmaceutical products require a consistent temperature range to maintain their efficacy and safety. The ipharmabag® provides this critical temperature control by using advanced insulation materials and a secure seal that prevents any heat exchange between the interior and exterior environments. The ipharmabag® is also versatile and can be used for various pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, medicines, and other sensitive medical supplies. Its compact size makes it easy to store in a small space, and its lightweight design makes it convenient for delivery personnel to carry.

Keeps The Cold Chain Intact

The ipharmabag® is a perfect solution for transporting temperature-sensitive medicines to a patient’s home or for transporting blood samples from a hospital to a laboratory for testing. Its advanced thermal insulation technology ensures that the contents remain at the required temperature during transit, regardless of external conditions. The use of the ipharmabag® in combination with the alvobox® further enhances its capabilities, allowing for longer transportation times without compromising the temperature control of the pharmaceutical products or medical supplies. The alvobox® is equipped with a chilling shield integrated into the lid, providing an extra layer of temperature control for the contents of the ipharmabag® during transportation. This innovative combination is ideal for long-distance transport of medicines and medical supplies, ensuring that they remain at the right temperature until they reach their final destination. The alvobox® is a reusable container, which not only reduces waste but also adds to its cost-effectiveness. The combination of the alvobox® and the ipharmabag® provides an efficient and sustainable solution for the transportation of temperature-sensitive medicines and medical supplies, which is a critical aspect of healthcare services.

Space SavingThe ipharmabags® are designed to be flat and compact, allowing them to be easily packed into boxes and reducing the amount of storage space required. This space-saving feature is especially beneficial for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and pharmacies with limited storage space. It also enables easier transportation of a larger number of bags at once, reducing the number of trips required and increasing overall efficiency. This makes the ipharmabag® a practical solution for businesses looking to optimise their storage and transportation processes while maintaining the integrity of their temperature-sensitive products.

The ipharmabag

with your own design.

All our paper thermal bags can be customized with your company logo and brand text in black. The bag itself comes in natural brown (unbleached) or white and fresh, both equally sustainable.

The ifoodbag® is made of two separate condensation barriers with an insulating core that locks in the cold – actually in an even better way than a traditional plastic thermal bag. The ifoodbag® is recyclable as paper packaging, FSC-certified and patent pending.

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