Packaging for Temperature Controlled Chilled Couriers

Temperature controlled food deliveries, utilising any vehicle. The transportation of temperature-sensitive goods, such as food and pharmaceuticals, requires specialised equipment to ensure that the products maintain their quality and safety during transit. While refrigerated trucks and vans are commonly used for this purpose, advancements in technology have made it possible to retrofit any vehicle with temperature-controlled capabilities. The ifoodbag® system removes the need for a specialist vehicle.

Temperature Controlled Transports With Any Vehicle


Cold chain IntactThe alvobox® is a highly innovative packaging solution that features a built-in chilling shield integrated into the lid. This design enables it to provide superior insulation and temperature control for temperature-sensitive products during transportation. Moreover, the use of passive cooling technology eliminates the need for complex and expensive refrigeration systems, making it easier for businesses to expand their delivery capabilities.

Regular Vehicles Can Be UsedWith the ifoodbag® system, businesses can now leverage their existing fleet of regular vehicles to offer temperature-controlled transportation services. This opens up new opportunities for businesses to explore different areas of operation. By using the  ifoodbag® system, businesses can offer customers a high-quality and cost-effective delivery service that ensures the safety and freshness of temperature-sensitive products. The system is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, including regular cars, vans, and trucks, making it easy to integrate into existing delivery operations.

Electrical VehiclesElectric vehicles, such as vans, are rapidly becoming popular due to their eco-friendliness and sustainability benefits. Compared to traditional vehicles, electric vans have a significantly lower carbon footprint, emit zero harmful pollutants, and produce less noise pollution. This aligns perfectly with the sustainability nature of ifoodbag® and its commitment to reducing environmental impact. Furthermore, electric vehicles can also offer significant cost savings for businesses over time, due to lower operating and maintenance costs. The ifoodbag® system is highly compatible with electric vans, as it requires only passive cooling technology and does not require complex and expensive refrigeration systems. This means that businesses can easily integrate the ifoodbag® system into their existing electric vehicle fleet to provide a sustainable and efficient temperature-controlled delivery service.

Mixed DeliveriesWith the help of the alvobox®, maintaining the cold temperature of groceries during transport becomes easier, thereby allowing for better logistics optimisation. This means that businesses can co-transport their products with other goods and use smaller vehicles for transportation.

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