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Frozen & Chilled Food Logistics

The ifoodbag® system helps you grow your business through flexibilty and

cost efficiency. We are experts at chilled and frozen logistics –

using passive cooling only.

with passive cooling

The ifoodbag final mile system is based on passive cooling. You can use regular cars, delivery trucks without refrigeration and even electric vehicles.

Today consumers put a greater demand on convenient ways for receiving their refrigerated and frozen groceries e.g. through click and collect, in-car delivery, pick up points and unattended home deliveries. ifoodbag® system enables this.

The ifoodbag® system allows you to optimize your cold chain logistics and increase your reach. It can improve the scalability of your business and open for third party delivery solutions. 

Courier solutions

facilitate handling and save space

The ifoodbag® system enables cost savings. Using ordinary vehicles instead of refrigerated adds flexibility, increases availability and – not least important – saves cost. 

ifoodbag also needs less space in transportation and in your warehouse. You can store refrigerated and frozen food together during transportation. ifoodbag® is easily integrated into your packing flow, contributes to less errors and enables an easier handling for your cold logistics.

and scale up as you grow

Thanks to the ifoodbag® system, you can optimize the size of your delivery vehicle and fleet size.

The ifoodbag® system keeps the cold chain intact throughout the delivery system and there is no need to use refrigerated trucks as ordinary vehicles can be used. This reduces the need for investments when starting new business. It also works as a great complement where it is an advantage to use refrigerated trucks for some routes or times a day, and ordinary veichles for other.


re-usable and 100% recyclable

ifoodbag® is a paper based environmentally sustainable thermal pouch with two separate condensation barriers and an insulating middle.
The cooling performance of the ifoodbag® is actually better than a 3-4 layer plastic thermal bag.

ifoodbag® is FSC-certified, recyclable as paper and can be reused.

alvobox® is made of PPE – a light and durable cellular polypropylene. At the end of its long lifespan (at least 3 years of continous use), alvobox® can be reused, recycled or re-granulated.


It is important for us at ifoodbag that our products live in a circular economy and that we take care of the earth’s resources. ifoodbag® can be reused several times and then recycled. alvobox® can be reused for at least three years.

Sort and recycle our products according to your national policy. In the Nordic countries, for example, ifoodbag® should be recycled as paper packaging (“Pappersförpackningar”). Contact us if you have difficulty finding recycling guidelines in your country.

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The Benefits of Frozen & Chilled Food Logistics – Flexible and Cost Efficient Food Transportation

The ifoodbag® system meets food temperature requirements for at least 8 hours in up to 35ºC (95ºF) – in an environmentally sound way.

Delivery Service
ifoodbags-6-ifoodbag-dinner twist-termo bag-thermal bag

The ifoodbag®

– a recyclable paper thermal bag, preserving the cold and preventing condensation.

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ifoodbag-alvobox-insulated thermal box-termo-box-chilled-frozen food-handle

The alvobox®

– a durable, stackable, recyclable, patent pending thermal box.

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ifoodbag-cooling units-shield-gel pack-chilled-frozen food

The cooling elements

– a reusable chilling shield, easily attached to the unique lid of the alvobox®.

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