”The ifoodbag® system meets food temperature requirements for at
least 8 hours in up to 35ºC (95ºF) in an environmentally sound way”

– Tobias Larsson, CEO.

Insulated Box System For The Transportation of Chilled & Frozen Goods

We have developed a revolutionary system solution for the transportation of chilled and frozen goods. The ifoodbag® system consists of insulated thermal bags, boxes and cooling elements. Used together the system ensures that the cold chain is kept intact for your final mile deliveries – using only passive cooling.

Temperature Controlled Home Food Delivery Solutions

The ifoodbag® system is a logistical revolution for home deliveries of groceries. We secure the cold chain, offer flexibility, enable cost savings and fuel growth in an environmentally sound way.

Cold chain intact 

The ifoodbag system is based on passive cooling only and meets temperature requirements even in hot ambient conditions. The system can be customised to meet your unique business needs.

Increased flexibility

You can use the ifoodbag® system instead of refrigerated trucks. Since the system is a stand-alone solution with passive cooling, it gives you a lot of flexibility and new delivery alternatives.

Cost savings

The flexibility of our system can ensure cost savings and increase business growth. The emptied boxes are easily stacked in each other which saves space in the storage as well as in the delivery van.

Environmentally sound

The system is reliable and durable. All components of the ifoodbag® system are reusable and recyclable.

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The ifoodbag system opens up new business potentials.

Unattended home deliveries – Due to the hectic nature of consumers’ daily lives, an increasing number of people are seeking shorter delivery windows or alternative options for receiving deliveries at their homes, even in their absence.
The ifoodbag® system is stand-alone and opens up the opportunity for unattended home deliveries.

Cold chain intact – The ifoodbag system is based on passive cooling only and meets temperature requirements even in hot ambient conditions. The alvobox® with a chilling shield attached to the lid can be left at the consumers doorstep and the food is protected and kept cold until the consumer comes home or wakes up.

Route optimization – Offering unattended home deliveries not only benefits your customers but also enables route optimisation for your business. This allows you to make drops based on the shortest distance, rather than trying to fit into pre-set time slots.

Return-flow or one-way – The alvobox® can be conveniently dropped at the doorstep and subsequently picked up and replaced during the next delivery, thanks to its return-flow feature. This is an excellent way to build customer loyalty. Alternatively, the ifoodbag® with passive cooling can be used, which eliminates the need for a return-flow altogether.

The ifoodbag system

Solutions for chilled & frozen food without active cooling.

Click & Collect – is a rapidly growing distribution solution.
Either as a pick-up service at a store or at strategically located lockers. The locker solution used to require active cooling, which tends to be quite expensive.

No need for active cooling – The ifoodbag® system is based on passive cooling only, this is a cheap and sustainable solution. Regular lockers, without active cooling, can be used. This means drastically reduced investments and lower service costs.

Saves time – For store pick-ups the ifoodbag solution can save time both for you and for your customers. The pre-picked orders can be stored in the alvobox® directly at the pick-up point. Also, the alvobox® can be placed in the consumer’s car and then be returned or exchanged at the next delivery or pick-up. A great tool for building loyalty!

New distribution points – By using cost efficient lockers without active cooling, new distribution points can easily be added; e.g. gas stations, service points, parking lots and train stations. The boxes can even be handed over directly by the staff at a store.

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In-store solutions for chilled & frozen food; a paper thermal bag.

Cold chain intact – Consumer awareness and understanding of the cold chain has been increasing and different thermal bags are now available for purchasing. The ifoodbag® outperforms plastic or aluminum thermal bags and is a 100% paper-based product.

By offering your customers an ifoodbag®, they can maintain the cold chain all the way to their homes. This is an excellent way to add consumer experience.

ECO-friendly – Your customer can re-use the bag several times and eventually recycle it as paper packaging.

The bag
The box
The cooling

Temperature-controlled transports with any vehicle.

Cold chain intact – The alvobox® has a chilling shield integrated to the lid. The use of a passive cooling solution opens up the possibility to use regular vehicles also for temperature controlled transports. Explore new business areas and reach higher utilization of your existing fleet with the ifoodbag® system. 

Regular vehicles can be used – A taxi, a regular car, a transport van, an electrical truck or even a bike can be used for temperature-controlled transports using the ifoodbag® system.

Electrical vehicles – Any electric vehicle can be used to deliver groceries using our alvobox® with passive cooling. It saves battery power and takes you further.

Mixed transports – With the alvobox® keeping the groceries cold it is easier to maximize the use of logistics. You can co-transport with other goods and also use smaller vehicles.

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Temperature sensitive items are kept cold using the ipharmabag®.

Small size – The ipharmabag® is a smaller sized thermal bag, perfect for transportation of pharmaceutical products.

Keeps the cold chain intact – The ipharmabag® is ideal for carrying temperature sensitive medicines to your home or when transporting blood samples from a hospital to the laboratory. Use it in combination with the alvobox® for longer transports.

Saves space – The ipharmabags® are flat and packed in boxes. This saves a lot of space.

The ipharmabag

with your own design.

All our paper thermal bags can be customized with your company logo and brand text in black. The bag itself comes in natural brown (unbleached) or white and fresh, both equally sustainable.

The ifoodbag® is made of two separate condensation barriers with an insulating core that locks in the cold – actually in an even better way than a traditional plastic thermal bag. The ifoodbag® is recyclable as paper packaging, FSC-certified and patent pending.

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