Fresh Produce Packaging For In Store Purchases

One solution for maintaining the temperature of chilled and frozen food items in-store is the use of a paper thermal bag. This type of bag is specifically designed to insulate and protect food items, ensuring they remain at the appropriate temperature until they are ready to be consumed or taken home.

Package Chilled and Frozen Food in Store Whilst Doing Your Food Shopping

Cold Chain UntaintedIn recent years, there has been a growing awareness and understanding among consumers about the importance of maintaining the cold chain for food safety and quality. As a result, a variety of thermal bags are now available for purchase, ranging from plastic to aluminium and paper-based options. However, when it comes to performance, the ifoodbag® stands out as a superior choice. Unlike plastic or aluminium bags, which can be harmful to the environment and often fail to maintain the required temperature for extended periods of time, the ifoodbag® is a 100% paper-based product that provides optimal insulation and temperature control for chilled and frozen food items.

Eco-FriendlyPaper thermal bags are an eco-friendly option compared to traditional plastic bags, they are easily disposable and recyclable, further reducing their environmental impact. ifoodbag® can also be branded with company logos or other custom designs, providing an opportunity for businesses to enhance their brand image.

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