Picsmart – Klimatsmarta hemleveranser

Picsmart lets you shop from several stores at the same time in your local area. Their shoppers pick up your order and deliver quickly and climate-smart home to your door.

Picsmart use ifoodbag to keep the goods chilled or frozen. – Without ifoodbag there is no Picsmart, says Christopher Heybroek, founder.

The company’s revenues come from both stores and consumers. From the stores, Picsmart receives subsidized prices for the products through agreements, so that they can sell to the consumer at store prices. From the consumer, they charge a small delivery fee per order.

Picsmart’s plan is to grow by reaching agreements with more stores to establish themselves around Stockholm, and then move on to other cities in the country.

– We are very proud and happy to be part of the vision of a fossil-free 2030. Especially since we are in an industry that is currently growing strongly, which thus also increases the number of deliveries that are not environmentally friendly. All Picsmart vehicles will be emission-free and we hope that this initiative can influence more players to take the same step. ifoodbag’s products fits well into our concept. We can keep the cold chain intact with the 100% paper bags that are also recyclable as paper packaging.  

Christopher Heybroek, founder of Picsmart.