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Thermal box

ICA Nära in Boxholm in Östergötland started online sales early. They are part of the ICA platform and have seen an enormous increase in online sales last year, both from regular customers as well as new ones in the nearby areas.

Karl-Johan Drufva and his team have now started to further expand the sales using the ifoodbag® system. Using the alvobox® gives them the opportunity to use 3rd party distribution without cooling vans.

– The ifoodbag system enables more delivery windows, but also a flexibility in that the customers don’t need to be at home when the food is delivered! It also gives us more flexibility and we can let a 3rd party handle routes where they drive anyway.

Karl-Johan Drufva
ICA Nära in Boxholm is also the first to evaluate ifoodbag’s new “Click and Collect” distribution.

A new concept where the alvobox® is placed inside a locker box and keeps the cold chain intact. “We can keep the food cold without having expensive and complicated solutions with active cooling. Our customers get a slot time when they can pick up the food without going into the store or needing our staff to hand it out to them”, Karl-Johan describes. Karl-Johan continues: “We are still in the early phase of online, but the combination of a good online platform and the ifoodbag system (alvobox® and ifoodbag®) as a complement to the cooling van, gives us plenty of opportunities to further grow the online sales in addition to the regular sales in the store.”

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