Flexibla ”Hämta-skåp”

collect lockers

ifoodbag has spotted a need in the market for chilled Click & Collect lockers.

Food retail stores wishes to offer consumers to conveniently pick up their online purchases, ready-packed outside of the store. Existing refrigerated alternatives are seen as very expensive and requires maintenance. They also need to be pre-configured for ambient, chilled, or frozen contents.

Locker stations with passive cooling – in a alvobox®

Not only are ifoodbag’s locker stations attractive, safe, and keep the cool chain intact. They also add flexibility. The idea is to combine a smart locker with our unique and easy-to-store alvobox®. Since we use only passive cooling, no refrigeration is needed, and the locker station can be placed anywhere where it is easily accessible for the store as well as for their customers. This can be close to the store or maybe in a spot in the neighbourhood where people regularly pass anyway. Also, the different lockers can reach a higher utilization since they can be equipped according to the variable need. Chilled for one order, ambient for the next.

– The ifoodbag Click & Collect lockers will be launched during Q2 after live testing, that will take place in May. Please contact us for more information and the latest developments in this area.

Robert Grenmark, CEO – ifoodbag.